2017 DISTILLERY LINE-UP: Exclusively located in the VIP Spirit Tent.

NEW THIS YEAR: Each VIP entrant will receive a souvenir shot glass for spirit and cocktail tasting!

Primary_BentBrewstillery_2014Bent Brewstillery: Roseville, MN
Bent Brewstillery is the first Brewery & Distillery Fusion in the state of Minnesota. Our Company Mission is to bring great adult beverages to the public. To bring a more diverse offering to those tired of the same old thing. To help fuel the Craft movement so that adult beverages can truly be appreciated as a flavorful drink not just a mind-numbing anesthetic. The overriding idea is to make tasty brews and powerful booze with clever names and flavors while rebelling against rigid style guidelines, along with having fun and making the experience entertaining for everyone involved.


45th Parallel Distillery:
New Richmond, WI
Oldest craft distillery in the area producing award winning vodka and bourbon as well as rye whiskey, limoncello, orangecello and gin.



Loon Liquors: Northfield, MN
Loon Liquors is the only organic micro-distillery in Minnesota. We make spirits and cocktails completely from scratch (grain to glass). We make Loonshine (young whiskey), MetropoliGin (tied for 2nd in the U.S. American Distilling Institute), and Wheaton Barley Vodka.




11 wells11 Wells Spirit Company: St. Paul Located in the historic Hamm’s Brewery on Minnehaha Avenue in St. Paul, 11 Wells is proud to be part of the revitalization of the Payne Avenue Corridor along with our other great neighbors Ward 6 restaurant, Ace Hardware, Flat Earth Brewery, and Urban Organics.  And, yes, there are 11 wells on site, the 11th of which will be the water source of our spirits. You may have heard of us before under the name Mill City Distillery, but we have renamed our distillery 11 Wells to be true to our St. Paul roots.



WanderNorth_Logo_Crest_rgbWander North Distillery: NE, Minneapolis We’re a small batch distillery located in Northeast Minneapolis, and we believe in using locally sourced ingredients to craft high quality spirits. You might call that “grain to glass.” We call it good sense. Our distillery was founded in 2013 by Brian Winter, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. It is his dream to help bring small batch distilling back to Minneapolis, a place of abundant natural resources that once fueled the thriving industry.


Isanti Spirits: Isanti, MN  Isanti Spirits was inspired by the reckless heart and punk rock soul of Rick Schneider. A consummate maker and tinkerer, Rick constantly has his hands in something creative. A punk rock musician in the 80’s, Rick played the famed Minneapolis club the 7th street entry at 17. He transformed his creative passion for pounding drums to glassblowing in the 90’s and morphed into an art professor.

Forever on the lookout for his life’s next adventure, he pondered one night over a glass of whiskey. Reflecting upon the enjoyment of the liquid gold in his hands, the scheme exploded out of his mind and the new course for his life drawn. Books were read, classes taken, plans were drawn up, abandoned, and redrawn. Seeing a number of other distilleries opening in the Twin Cities, he took his plans north to Isanti County, purchased a pastoral hobby farm on German Lake and built the Isanti Spirits distillery in his backyard. Using primarily grains grown and barrels coopered in Minnesota, and a High quality Kothe Still from Eislingen Germany, Rick makes Isanti Rye Whiskey, Sunken Bobber Bourbon, and Tilted Cedars Gin with creative mash bills and flavor profiles all their own. Rick infuses the same creativity inspired from his Art and Music background into making Isanti Spirits.


Vikre Distillery: Duluth, MN

What makes Vikre Distillery what it is?  
-Lake Superior (aka, the world’s greatest!) water

-Culinary creativity woven into all our flavors – we make what we love and what you’ll love (for example an aquavit that you’ll actually want to drink, instead of the standard kinds that make you gag…you know what I’m talking about 😉

-Passionate stewardship of the resources we use in making our spirits

We never planned to become distillers.  But one frigid January night, Lake Superior, vast, majestic, mysterious, called us with a bidding we could not refuse.  “Come,” she whispered to us.  And we knew we would.

The nature and culture of Northern Minnesota are our inspiration and terroir. The pristine beauty of Lake Superior, the North Woods and the Boundary Waters are distilled in the flavor of everything we make. It’s difficult to imagine a more perfect place for making distilled spirits. We craft superior spirits that thoughtfully blend tradition and innovation.  We forage the Northwoods for wild botanicals; we use local and organic grains, handcrafted Minnesota oak barrels, and the clean, cold water of Lake Superior. Distilling the essence of this great watershed into the finest spirits possible is our passion. Doing so in a way that cares for the watershed is our vocation.

Twin Spirits,  Minneapolis, MN  

Twin Spirits Distillery is the passion project of Michelle Winchester, whose curiosity for flavor and spirit of adventure found a home in the distilling community of the Twin Cities.  Michelle is the first one-woman owned distillery in Minnesota and she is excited to make NE Minneapolis her distilling oasis.
Michelle started this project in 2014 and has spent two years getting the distillery up and running. From purchasing and renovating a 1920’s property in NE Minneapolis that will serve as the distillery and cocktail room, with an additional building that will house a warehouse and possible event space.  Michelle loves the barn look of the building and plans on extensive green spaces to continue the look of a farm.
Twin Spirits is meant to invoke the idea of the many dualities in life. We look forward to sharing Twin Spirits with you in the future.



Joia Spirit

It started with Joia Sparkling, our award-winning, all natural fruit, herb and spice combinations crafted by the stellar mixologist, Dan Oskey. We soon learned that Joia Sparkling made amazing mixers and Joia lovers everywhere were using it to make their own cocktails. Why not make it easy? We can do that for you, and Joia Spirit was born!